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15. dubna 2009 v 19:36 | |  CD
"Dignity" (2007)
First Single: "With Love"
Second Single: "Stranger"
Release Date: April 2007
Bonus Tracks: None
Special Editions: "Dignity: Deluxe Edition (With DVD)"
Interesting Fact: Outside Of You (Track) is written by popular pop-rock singer P!NK ("U + Ur Hand", "Who Knew").

"Most Wanted" (2005)
First Single: "Wake Up"
Second Single: "Beat of my Heart"
Release Date: August-September 2005
Bonus Tracks: "Supergirl"
Special Editions: "Signature Collector's Edition"
Interesting Fact: This album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts and stayed there for 2 weeks, topping the charts for two weeks in a row!
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"Hilary Duff" (2004)
First Single: "Fly"
International Singles: "Weird", "Someone's Watching Over Me"
Release Date: September 2004
Bonus Tracks: "Who's That Girl? (Acoustic)" [Asia]
Interesting Fact: "Hilary Duff" the album was released on Hilary's 17th birthday (28th September, 2004 is the exact release date of this record) and it is Hilary's only full record with only one single.
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"Metamorphosis" (2003)
First Single: "So Yesterday"
Second Single: "Come Clean"
International Singles: "Why Not", "Little Voice", "Anywhere But Here"
Release Date: 2003
Bonus Tracks: "A Day In The Sun" [Australia / Asia]
Interesting Fact: Hit single "Come Clean" was used as a theme song for the high rated MTV original show "Laguna Beach"!
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"Santa Claus Lane" (2003)
First Video: "Santa Claus Lane"
Second Video: "Tell Me A Story"
Popular Track: "What Christmas Should Be"
Bonus Tracks: None
Interesting Fact: The songs "What Christmas Should Be" and "Santa Claus Lane" were featured in movies such as "Cheaper By The Dozen" and "Santa Claus".
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"A Cinderella Story" OST (2004)
By Hilary: "Crash World"
By Hilary and Haylie: "Our Lips Are…"
By Hilary: "Now You Know"
Bonus Tracks: None
Interesting Fact: "Our Lips Are Sealed" was released as a single from this record, which featured Haylie Duff. 2 versions (Movie and non movie) were made of the video
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"The Lizzie McGuire Movie" OST (2003)
By Hilary: "Why Not"
By Hilary: "What Dreams Are Made Of"
Bonus Tracks: None
Interesting Fact: The "Why Not" video had clips from "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"!

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